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Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell freelance writer, copyeditor and instructional designer

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Writer and editor Paul Mitchell is driven by his passion for clearly communicating ideas and concepts to audiences, whether in person, on screen, or in print.


Paul has worked in the personal care, beauty and fashion industry for 30 years. His knowledge of the consumer—from global to local—and experience with the industry—from luxury to mass—has earned him praise from clients, who commend him for his creativity, results, service level, and knowledge of the business.


Paul’s approach to writing for clients is simple:


“I help writers and brands make the most of their messages. They know what they want to say, and I know the ‘how.’ I don’t put words in their mouths, I simply help their audiences hear them.”



Paul attended the University of British Columbia, graduating with honors from its Creative Writing Program, Canada’s oldest and most prestigious creative writing university program. He specialized in writing for film and television.


While broadening his education with courses in adult learning, he also discovered the world of beauty when he was recruited at a university job fair. A temporary job demonstrating a new men’s product inspired him to compete for an open part-time sales job. That quickly grew into a full-time position, and lead to a management and writing career in the industry. Over his career, Paul has worked for Aramis, Clinique, and Estée Lauder, while based in Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles and New York. He has appeared on television and in print as a spokesperson for the brands.


He held global positions in the Education departments of both Clinique and Estée Lauder, based in New York, writing training materials as diverse as formal seminars, self-guided manuals, new-hire orientations, and product demonstrations, plus helped develop consumer-facing how-to videos. He has worked on all categories of the beauty business: skincare, makeup, fragrance, body, men’s, and sun, and has visited most major markets throughout Europe and Asia, including China and India. He has extensive experience with global train-the-trainer conferences, retailer presentations, and recruiting.


Since joining S&J Multimedia LLC, his work has appeared in numerous publications, magazines, websites and video content. He is a 3-time Emmy(R) nominated writer and People's Choice Telly Award winner. He has continued writing marketing briefs, scripts and copy for advertising, websites and digital content. In addition to curriculum design, he also coaches clients on applying adult learning principles.

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